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A. Energy Center Healing

B. Soul Development

Energy Centers are different locations of consciousness, that govern different aspects of our being. (For more information, see my book "The Twelve Human Energy Centers, Exploring the Blueprint of Your Being.")

Problems with energy centers can lead to problems in consciousness, that can range from a feeling of malaise, all the way to serious mental or physical illness.

I can help you see which energy centers have problems, and help you heal these energy centers.

Contact me today if you are interested!

30 min via Zoom: $75 per session

The Soul consists of our emotions, our thoughts, our identity and our will. (See "My Self-Healing System" by Bruce MacKay.)

If your soul is sick, it will cause all kinds of problems in your life, including (but not limited to) the physical body and mental illness.

Let Bruce lead you on a journey of soul transformation and development! 

30 min via Zoom: $75 per session.

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